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An intelligent Question

Do you know the answer ?


Ever have one of those moment when your child asked you a question and you dont know how to answer her?  You marvelled at the amusing question.  You think about it throughout the day ... it nags you as well as it entertains you and wouldnt go away.

I had a most wonderful time chatting with a Mum Mediator as she shared with me about this incident where her daughter asked her one of those question.  I was so tickled by it that I asked her for permission to share it in my little blog.  

It goes like this ... Kathy was reading a famous fairy tale story to  Connie as part of their night bonding routine.  It was the story of Cinderella, a familar story that Connie had heard it numerous time and yet she never gets tired of it.  

And on that fateful night ... as Kathy reads and Connie listen ... a question pops up into her little thinking brain.

Mum : " Once upon a time a girl named Cinderella lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters ... one day, news came to town.  The King and Queen were going to have a ball !"  - Connie listened with wide eyes .

Mum continued " Cinderella said to herself   if I could, I would go to the ball ...  all of a sudden, in front of her was a fairy ! " Connie smiled and looks eagerly at mum.

Mum reads on " with a wave of her magic wand ... Cinderella was dressed in a beautiful blue gown.  Her hair was set up high ...  and another wave of the wand ... glass slippers and Poof ! a pumkin changed into her carriage, and mice changed into her horsemen ... magic was happening all around Cinderella ...

I imagine little Connie feeling thrilled and wanting to be like Cinderella at this point.

Mum goes on " BUT there is one thing you must know ... said the fairy Godmother to Cinderella .... All of this last only to midnight.  Tonight at stroke of midnight, it will be over.  EVERYTHING will go back to how it was before.

The story continue as mum read more " one glass slipper fell off her foot on the stairs ... Cinderella kept running ...

We all know this all familiar fairy tale and how it ended well ... the handsome Prince goes around town fitting all the ladies in his kingdom with that one magic glass slipper he kept ... no one fit the slipper except Cinderella and they all lived happily ever after.

So you would think ... Right?  WRONG !!!

Connie had a frown on her face.  Something didnt quite fit, her little MLE brain began ticking away ... she looked puzzled and she asked her mum

" At the stroke of midnight the fairy Godmother says EVERYTHING would changed back to the way it was ... why did Cinderella's glass slippers not changed? 

Why mum? Why?

And here is where both Mum and I were taken by surprise ! What an intelligent question little Connie had asked.  The effect of Mediation has began to take root ... Connie was searching for an answer ... Why mum why? 

So mum went of a quest ... to ask her friends regarding Connie's question ... and the quest is still ongoing ... do you have an answer to little Connie's question?

Let see what kind of answers you can provide to satisfy Connie's curiosity.

And as a reward ... here a free brain assessment for you.