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Deprived Sleep destroy brain cells!

Sleeping well boost brain capacity to learn well

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Sleep is escaping our children in a world that is busy and moving all the time.  One mother lamented to me that her 10 years old son only sleep less than 5 hours each night.  This in turn affected her and her husband as they each takes turn to wake up in the early hours and trys to calm him down.  It is a long process to put him back to sleep.  The next day, this child is unable to wake up in time for school.  Waking him up takes a tedious toll and he wakes up fussy and angry.  Day after day, this goes on.  I am sure you can empathise with this poor family.  Everyone suffer.

Sleep make up one third to one quarter of our human lifespan.  In the past many people thought that sleep was a passive activity.  We think that our body and brain is still and shut down.  However science is now telling us in fact it's the opposite, our brain perform different duties when we are at sleep mode.  Sleep and brain health has long be estabished as a critical factor.  Lack of sleep means to slow death of brain cells.  Plus an increase flow of stress hormones that can complicate health.  

Science tells us that our brain will switch between two mode :  A) Rapid eye movement mode (REM) and B) Non - REM mode. In non REM mode our body goes into repair. I will write up more on REM sleep mode because if affects learning.   

When REM mode is turned on, our brain waves reflect that our breathing rate increases, our body temperture changes, sometimes the body twitches, there is an increased in brain activity as though we are in a awake state.  Our heart rate increases, there is more oxygen use by the brain, rapid eye movement occur and our body becomes still (temporary pralysis or atonia takes place) and we dream.  This can happen around four or five times in a night.  But why do we dream and what's the purpose of our brain dreaming?  How does dreaming serves us?    

Researchers has pointed out that in REM sleep, an important role in the development of the central nervous system occurs.  Mood and memory come into play during dream state.  One finding state that when people are taught various skills and then deprived from reaching REM sleep, it affected they memory to recall what were taught !

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Sleep deprivation has become increasing a problem in our modern digital day.  

Quality sleep is vital for brain health - learning and memory depends on them !!!

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