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Brain Optimal Function

4 arenas of brain health and growth

Memory - Focus - Mood - Vitality equates to a healthy balance brain !  

The phrase use it or loose is TRUE !  Science has proven that our brain continue to make connections when we are learning something new.  Novelty keeps the brain awake and ready.  Remember how alive you feel when you and your family went for a holiday? That's your brain making new connections to new experiences !!!

Ever thought of how you and your child can feed your brain to keep it in the optimal state? When our brain becomes unhealthy, soon our whole being also becomes unhealthy.  Your brain shapes your outlook of life.  

STRESS plays a part in shaping our brain and it's experiences.  While a little stress may be helpful ... to keep us on the move.  Too much stress creates an imbalance in our brain and in return begin to affect our state.

Brain health compromises of several factors.  In this short blog, I will list four arenas.  

1.  The biological arena - how the physical aspects of your brain and body function - What do you think of the saying " You are what you eat" ? -  Are you happy with the type of food you give to your child? Have you consider if the food you allow,  will benefit the growing brain?  Inadequate nutrients affect the growing brain and may lower blood flow to the brain.  The child appears dull or overly active.

Sleep is one very important issue for the growing brain.  Is your child getting enough sleep?  A preschooler should have at least 10 hours of sleep.  An adult a minimum of 7 to 8 hours.  Sleep allows the brain to repair itself and to reboot afresh the next day.  

Exercise is the other important factor affect the brain.  Exercise is a big booster to the growing brain.  Hours infront of a digital device creates addiction that will be difficult to pry away.  An addictive behaviour is a sign of an unhealthy brain.  

2.The psychological arena - invest time in bonding with your child, build a healthy self image, body image, create emotional safety so that your child will seek you out when he/she is stress or afraid.  Learn to deal with mistakes in a positive manner and teach that learning from mistakes is a good way of learning.   Learning is a journey and not a destination.  In my parent coaching classes - we learn how to ask questions to invite conversations that build up one another.  When the child does not feel emotionally safe - it will affect his/her growing brain.  The process become STUCK but the good news is with the right kind of interaction - we can create flexibility of mind.  In our coaching classes - parents learn how to use converstaion in a meaningful and engaging manner to build an appetite of learning.  What kind of memories would you like to make with your child so that he/she deposit them in their growing brain.

3. The social arena - building quality relationships is vital in community living and for good brain health.  Children with special needs suffer in this arena if there is no one to show them the ropes to building relationships.  Everyone need friends, a supportive community.  In our coaching class - parents learnsand pratices the building blocks for social developments and plays an active part as the Mediator for their child.  Being social is an vital survival skill ! 

4. The spiritual growth arena - developing a sense of purpose  -  What is unique about your child and how can he/she contribute to make this world a better place?  This is a journey of a lifetime - Why am I here? What is my purpose? It is a faith journey .  Find a spiritual community - reach out and be a blessing to the world. 

Balance in these 4 arenas take effort and time.  Caring for our brain health is so essential.  Take good care of yourself and treat your brain right and it will serve you for a long time.  

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