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Spark your child's Brain Cells

A welcome addition to your brain health

Essential vitamins and minerals for your child promote healthy growth, activity, learning and beahviour.  Formulated by renowed clinical neuroscientist Daniel Amen, MD, in the form of delicious tables that are chewable.

This science based formulation provides generous amounts of nutriets for making energy to support brain maturation, promote good vision and healthy growth of mind and body.

All ingredients are selected with safety of your child's heath in mind.  Other multi vitamins may be unsafe - check the ingredients carefully - some B12 contain cyanocobalamin, magnesium oxides and other oxides that are poorly absorbed and utlize by the body, or contain beta-carotence which is poorly converted to Vit A for the body.  Others have titanum dioxide, artificial colorant and sugar !!! Do give these a MISS !!!

Kid's Neurovites formula has no artificial colouring, no artifical flavouring, egg free, diary free, gluten free, sugar free, corn free and soy free.

Click on the link and read up on all the supplement facts listed and make an infomed choice.

Click on the link to get a 15% discount !!! You are making a wise choice.