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the benefit of playtime

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Play is an essential part of childhood. Many childhood experts and scientists recommend free play and research has highlighted it's benefits. So important is free play that at the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the child ... it is written " that every child has the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts." Does your child has enough to free play time ?

Free play are activities that are freely chosen and directed by the child and he/she simply enjoys and is intrinsically motivated. Play is an important tool for cognitive development.

I recommend this book entitled : Einstein Never Used Flash Cards : How our children REALLY learns and why they need to play more and memorise less by Kathy Hirst-Passe Phd

Its a good book for stressed out parents ! Overwhelming scientific evidence and the collective research of child development experts explains the process of learning FROM the child's point of view.  Parents are presented with 40 age appropriate games for creative play.  It is simple YET fun and POWERFUL brain based exercises !

Perhaps this book can help you tear your child away from his/her high tech gadgets that many children are addicted to in these days.