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Is your child future ready?

Learn to lay down the foundations ...


Over the last sixty years, Cognitive Psychologists, the late Reuven Feuerstein has challenged the many behaviourist assumption that place limits on how well and how  much children can learn. "Yes!" he says " This child can learn more!" and " YES! You can teach this child ... YES You can change all children's mind so that they can achieve much more!"  Feuerstein teaches that all are capable of learning no matter what are the etiological factors.

It is a matter of having the right belief system, the right tools and the correct knowledge o making the changes in children's intelligence.

All of us, parents, educators, psychologist and other significant person in the child's life can lean how to facilitate all children - the average, the gifted, those with special needs, children who are living in poverty or second language learners.  We can prepare and engage with them through meaningful learning situations.

It has been more that sixty years after his introduction, many still consider Feuerstein's theory to be revolutionary.  More than 2000 research studies, evaluations and countless clinical case studies have validated his work.  Today, we are seeing the neurological research which furthers his idea that the brain is able to change in it's structure, to adapt and to learn for a lifetime.

Steady Steps Intervention program has been pioneering Feuerstein's work since 1996 and I have the privilege to step on shoulders of giants in this field and learn the tools and methodology. Caregivers are involved in the intervention and coaching is provided as they learn alongside with their children to lay out the foundation of learning.

Make an appointment today and let me show you how this method works.