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Standards for Essential Oils

Do you want a good oil or the best oil?

· Essential Oils

What is the make up of a therapeutic grade oil?  Will it have to meet certain French standards  set up by AFNOR ( Association Francise De Normalisation) or that of ISO (International Standardisation Organisation) ?  Would you buy the bottle of Essential Oil if you know it has passed the 'test' from these governing bodies?  

Do you know there is an even HIGHER standard set up by a company that surpasses the requirements of AFNIR and ISO? It is a company that has a SEED to SEAL commitment to the consumers. Let me explain the process further :

Firstly, the perfect seeds has to be identified by the experts and the species has to match.  THEN these seeds are planted in clean soil without any chemical.  If you grow a plant in soils filled with chemicals, these chemicals will be found in the essential oils as well.

Careful harvesting is timed when the plant is yielding the most oil. For example jasmine has to be harvested at night when the flower is most fragrant. Next distillation of the oil takes place in low-pressure steam distillation so that the healthy plant compound in every batch of oil is collected. High temperature will kill the compounds that makes the oil therapeutic. The oils are then seal in dark coloured bottles to protect them against heat and light. A sample from each batch is then sent to the lab to ensure that the oil meets it's therapeutic compounds.

Hence ... a therapeutic grade oil is painstakingly produced.  You and I get to take advantage of this wonderful products from a reputable company and share it with our love ones and friends.