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Do you want a healthy brain?

A free brain health assessment is included

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We all want a healthy brain dont we?  You have a unique brain and no one  on earth has a brain like yours. Brain science tells us that our brain has the capacity to form new learning pathways when we know WHAT, WHERE and HOW to activate it.  

Steady Steps Brain Based Intervention activates the brain to LEARN HOW TO LEARN.  In our customized program a series of engaging activities are introduce to enable the brain to search, make meaning and see the application of what is learnt in the real world.  However a mental workout alone is insufficient. 

Your brain needs physical activities, a healthy diet, adequate sleep, good nutrition, a healthy weight, learns how to manage anxiety and stress efficiently, learns how to deal with negative thoughts.  Together in partnership with you, Steady Steps program includes Brain Health Coaching to address these matters. 

Research has found the typical diet (unhealthy fat, sugar and excessive salt) are pro inflmammatory and associated with depression, dementia, ADHD, heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes.  When we live an unhealthy lifestyle, we hurt our brain.  Sugar is assoiciated with ADHD, lower HDL, raises LDL, feeds cancer cells, causes depressive symptoms, and alter learning and memory.  

During the Brain Health Coaching sessions, we will explore with you how best to feed your brain in order to optimize it.  Neurotransmitter such as Serotonin (dont worry, be happy brain chemical) are involved with mood stability, sleep regulation, appetite and social engagement.  Dopamine is the 'let get to work' neurotrasmitter involved with motivation, regulation of emotions, it tag itself to pain and pleasure seeking behaviours.  Memory, learning and association can be boosted with acetylcholine ( a organic chemical that functions in the brain).  While other moods such as staying calm and having a sense of groundedness is boosted by GABA ( an amino acid that functions as the primary inhitory nurotansmitter for the central nervous system)

We will also explore the brain-gut connection.  The gut is our 'second brain', it  is loaded with nervous tissue and is in direct communication with the brain.  The single epithlial layer is the interface between the external world and the body.  Our gut perform the inital metabolism and transformation of food.  It provides strutural defense to keep our body and brain healthy.  If the musocal layer breaks down, problem arises.  Stress, prolong use of certain medications, poor diet (fast food), enviromental chemicals all plays a part in causing an unhealthy brain.

Steady Steps offers a comprehensive support to enable you to realize your full potential through a wellness management program.  Sign up today for a consultation.