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Learning to read : /A/ is not just for Apple

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Learning to read IS NOT as easy as ABC.  The alphabets consist more than just 26 phonemes (Speech Sound)  ... Consider if the child reads these words - Apple, Airplane, Arrow, Alligator - the child is taught each letter in the alphabet makes ONE SOUND ... hence thats where the problem begins ... no wonder our kids are confused when they are faced with other words that has the letter /A/ in it .  Consider these words : Baby, Ball, Balloon, Sauce ... imagine the poor child reading these words if /A/ only makes one sound.

It is worth to ponder on the fact that everything that is said or written in English is encoded in 44 sounds and represented in 26 letters in has about 140 letter combinations.

Let me introduce you to THRASS : Teaching Handwriting Reading and Spelling Skills. In my intervention sessions, caregivers learn alongside with the child as I model the teaching process using Feuerstein's Mediated Learning Experience. THRASS teaches life long word solving skills. It's a joy to watch the child's eye beam when he/she discovered the meaning of the printed text. The strength of this program is in the fact that right from day one, the child learns that one letter can make more than one sound and sometimes more than one letter can combine to make a sound. For example /CH/ as in chair, chef, school. Notice the /ch/ makes more than one sound. THRASS presents to the child the 'Periodic Table' of phonics. Every speech sound of the english spoken language is presented in the 'periodic table' - the child's can SEE it and identify them and there are NO MAGIC /E/ or Silent /e/ rules that are taught as a rule to memorise ! 

Set up an appointment with me and let me show you how this can be done and design a customise program for you and your child.