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Scent or Non Sense

Welcome to the world of Aromatherapy

· Essential Oils

When you hear the word 'aromatherapy' what comes to your mind? Do you see a picture of a person sitting in a meditating position with incense swirling around and a 'zen-like' state of mindfulness, all peaceful and a smile painted on his/her face?

Or a different picture of a diffuser with a steady stream of vapour and the scent the fills the surrounding? Or you picture yourself receiving a wonderful massage and have scented oils rub on your body as you melt under the expert hands of your skilful masseur. Most people are attracted to the smell and most would find them pleasant and certainly very relaxing.

What if I were to tell you that the scent CAN DO more than just smelling nice. What if I were to tell you that the scent from a therapeutic grade oil can do far more than just relaxes you?

I began to ask myself ... can I help children with special needs using these therapeutic grade oils and so I started using them in my therapy sessions and making observation. Thus far I have notice that by diffusing these oils in the air ...

1. I notice they have shorter outputs of tantrums.

2. I get better behavioural regulation for some of my kids.

3. I notice it supports their immunity system and see them more frequently in my sessions.

My journey of learning more about scent lead me to read up, research and experiment ... the more I learn ... the more I am amaze what scent can do to bring about overall wellness. So in December 2015, I took an Intensive Class with Centre for Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE USA). It was an eye opening class as Dr David Steward shared about the Chemistry of Essential Oils and goes in the chemical bonds and relate why Therapeutic Grade Oils are SO IMPORTANT. I've learnt that Essential Oils are made up of many organic chemical compounds. These therapeutic grades compounds are helpful and support our wellbeing : emotionally, mentally and physically. I shall expound on them further in my next blog ... akan datang ...