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NEUROVITE is for Body and Mind

Grounded by Science

The fact is that even when we are conscientious in our eating habits, we still fall short of the mark nutritionally.   Today ...the food that we eat, are not always packed with all the nutrients that are essential for the effective working of our body.  

Changes in the method of farming and chemicals added to the soil, the depletion of mineral dues to over farming are factors that we read about and watch over our television.  Hybrid forms of food either by changing their colour, weight or how long they can last on the supermarket shelf should be a cause of our concern.  Plus vitamins in certain produce are depleted by the time they are transported long distance for other countries to reach our local supermarkets.  

Experts state that the need for supplements for disease prevention is so well documented that those who do not take at least the conservative doses of antoxidant are putting thier own health at risk.  If we are on medication then more so we are to add supplements into our daily meals.  What if you have a child who is so selective in their meals - do you think your child have the proper nutrient to support his or her growth?  

Thankfully, these can be resolved with the help of supplements that are clinically researched and of high quality.  Balance it off with sensible healthy eating, supplements supports and enhance our body and brain.  BrainMD supplements are of highest quality ...

Brain MD Supplements are the only daily multivitamin created through the clinical experience of brain health expert Daniel G. Amen, MD

NeuroVite Plus combines more than 50 nutrients and plant extracts in their most active forms to give you whole body-mind nutrition in a way that drugstore multivitamins cannot do. It contains three of Dr. Amen's hand-selected proprietary high-nutrient blends:

  • The Brain Boosting Blend of clinically researched brain health nutrients.
  • The Fruit and Vegetable Blend with the antioxidant equivalent of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.
  • The Digestive Enzyme Blend to support digestive health, metabolize foods and support your natural intestinal balance which is critical for a healthy brain.

NeuroVite Plus Delivers Vibrant Health and Wellness in 5 Ways!

  1. Nourishes your body's cells, tissues and organs NeuroVite's wide range of nutrients gives every part of your body the nutrients it's hungry for.
  2. Promotes optimal brain function NeuroVite's high levels of important phytonutrients help sustain our intensely active brain cells.
  3. Supports the health of major organ systems with lutein and zeaxanthin for the eyes, hesperidin for the circulation, and resveratrol for the heart.
  4. Protects against free radical damage with an array of antioxidants including vitamin C, vitamin E, alpha lipoic acid and CoQ10.
  5. Easily absorbed and tolerated, due to the very careful selection of its ingredients and its content of digestive enzymes.