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Stuck vs Flexibility of mind

Are the demands in life getting into you?

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The ACC or Anterior Cinguate Cortex is found in a unique position in your brain.  ACC connects both the emotional limbic sytem the the cognitive prefrontal cortex of your brain.  It has been said that this region allows for flexibility of mind.  Many situations in life demand flexibility of mind. 

When  the Cingulate system does not function properly, people has the tendency to get stuck on things - unable to shift their thinking to explore other options.  There are observations that some people got stuck on a thought and rethink the same thought over and over again, like a broken recording.  In other cases, negative behaviours or develop a tendency towards compulsion, for example the need to keep washing hands or the need to excessively check if the doors are lock.  Other low level of ACC activity include excessive or senseless worrying, moodiness, irritability, a tendency to say no without first considering about the questions being asked.  Do you know anyone like that? 

Researchers has found that Serotonin can help as it is made from the essential amino acid called tryptophan. This amino acid enters the body through our intake of food sucha as nuts, eggs, turkey, salmon, tofu, cheese and red meat.   However, it has also been discussed that the tryptophan found in food may be too low to make a differencce.

Studies on the effect of serotonin also examine the gut-brain connection.  Scientists infers that gut microbiota might influence the nervous system and affect behaviours, mood and thinking.    

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