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Troubled Tummy could lead to brain trouble

How to Avoid it

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Have you heard of the phrase that says the way to a person's heart is through his stomach? It turns out that the way to increased health and disease prevention may be through the means of eating the right type of food.

Gut microbiome live in our gut. These good and friendly creatures creates a right balance in our gut. When these little creatures are lacking ... it will greatly affect the health of our gut! Some scientists and doctors claim that the health of our brain is closely linked to the health of our gut. Gut bacteria provides our body with valuable vitamins and helps to ward off infection while nasty bacteria would trigger inflammation and lay siege in our system thus affection our immune system.

The good news is that you can have a say in which groups of bacteria you want to welcome into your gut ... introducing good gut flora into our guts is a wise start.

The body's inflammatory response protects you, but it can go array and cause damage too ! for example when you are bitten by a moxie and the bite gets red and itch. This redness is called inflammation. This happen because the body sets in motion to protect you. However when inflammation gets out of control is can actually be harmful. The body's inflammatory response is there to support the immune system and it aid in the healing process. BUT when this response persists without reasons ... it will caused havoc to our health.

So what would trigger excessive inflammation in our body?

According to some doctors, genes can contribute to excessive inflammation. For this to happen your genes needs to be 'switched on' - Stress can switch them on! On the other hand getting quality sleep and eating healthily can keep these bad gene domain.

If your gut and its microbiome are not in healthy state, your brain might be in trouble too !

When our microbiome is imbalanced to the point where it no longer assisting the immune system in protecting the body ... our brain may soon be affected. Some doctors attribute the gut to be the second brain. Here's why ...

Our gut is mostly busy absorbing nutrients from our food intake. While it doing it's job, it must be proceed from pathogens that could harm us. As a means of defence, our gut has a protective layer of cells that are responsible not only for absorbing nutrients but also for blocking harmful bacteria. When the cell layers becomes compromised, our gut weaken potentially harmful bacteria could wreak havoc in our body. Research now shows that an inflamed leaky gut can potentially lead to a 'leaky brain' or 'foggy brain'.

The development of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is believed to be strongly influenced by gut bacteria. Examining the gut microbiome may help us better understand how to treat ASD. There is a hypothesis that problems in the gut microbiome might contribute to the development of ASD.

Studies have found that many people with ASD possess a particular composition of gut bacteria that is typically linked to a heightened inflammatory response in the body.

Not all probiotics in the market helps.  Get the right sort.

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