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Greeted by a frangrance

A walk through memory lane

· Essential Oils

The smell of freshly baked bread conjures up a long forgotten childhood memory of the very first day I started Kindergarten ... memories came flooding back ... I could see in my mind's eyes the place I used to sit and the activities we had on the first day. I could hear my Mandarin teacher calling out my name because I was distracted and was looking at my mother as she peeped through the window.

Did you ever have such encounter when you smell a fragrance and it triggered some emotions and memories? Eg ... The scent of the baby powder conjures up memories of your baby or the scent of a perfume ... brings you back to your first date?

Well ... you have just experienced the awesome poser of your limbic system which mediates and controls every aspects of emotions, memories and your survival.

The Limbic system consists of many 'sections' such as the hippocampus, amygdala, thalamus ... they all work together to regulate emotions and memories. For example the hypothalamus receives signals and manage the response to pain, thirst, hunger, arousal. It also regulates the autonomic nervous system which control blood pressure, pulse, breathing, digestion and perspiration. The hippocampus acts as the 'check gate' for the body and its role is to keep the body in balance.

Aromatherapists understand this and uses scent as a pathway to help their clients deals with their emotional regulation. In my intervention class ... I diffuses essential oils and has observed that it has helped my clients who emotional issues. Mothers has reported to me that their child sleeps better when they introduce scent in their room.

Research has now scientifically proven that essential oils can change mood and behaviour. Inhaling essential oils may be one of the quickest manner to create physiological and psychological benefits.

So the next time your are stress ... reach out for that bottle of lavender and it may just make your day a whole lot better.

In closing I want share that NOT all essential oils are made equal. I am a distributor of Young Living 100% Pure Essential Oil and can attest to it that it has yield very good results for me and the families that I work with.

Be part of my team and be supported as you gain more knowledge and insights into these little bottles of help.